I love to flow like a river and wander like a gypsy.
Working into IT however heart is into art (photography, graphics and new media). I have started my career in year 2000 as a web developer but since then this journey has taken different routes and paths and I am landed into User Experience Design since 2005. 
As per Google I been to 134 unique places across globe covering Northern hemisphere to Southern (Iceland, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Malaysia, New Zealand) thanks to GPS and my contribution to Google Photos. I have also covered many places in India from North to South starting from Nubra Valley to Kanyakumari. In West have covered Maharastra extensively and some parts of Gujrat and Rajasthan.  
What my heart echo now is to be in photography and core  computer fine art. 
As a poet I am an escapist, as a painter I am a colour freak, as a photographer I  love shutter click. 
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